Laboratory research

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City-hotel «Barkhatnye sezony» cooperates with the laboratory «Optimum», cooperation with which allows you to perform almost any type of research: from general analyzes to complex genetic studies. The latest modern instruments for performing various types of analysis can reduce the time of research, and highly qualified laboratory specialists guarantee the accuracy of the results.

For the convenience of guests and residents of the city, laboratory tests are carried out around the clock all year round, which allows you to get the fastest test results in the city. Urgent studies are performed within 15 minutes after the receipt of biomaterials in the laboratory.

Injection Price

Infusion of medicines intravenously


Blood sampling from a vein, intravenous injection, intramuscular injection, subcutaneous injection


The health center is located on the territory of the city-hotel «Barkhatnye sezony», a 5-minute walk from the sea. Modern methods of treatment, highly qualified doctors, innovative diagnostic equipment and natural healing factors of the resort city of Sochi allow you to get a unique healing effect for the body.


Health Center "Ekaterininsky Quarter", building 16 Boulevard of Nadezhda, 12

Working hours:

Daily: 8:00 - 20:00

Registration for procedures:

8 938 493-73-05

Booking tours:

8 800 300 8 300