The Syabry Ensemble will perform a concert in the Olympic Park

The Syabry Ensemble will perform a concert in the Olympic Park: Photo

On September 17 and 18 in Sochi, during the Second Forum of the Regions of Russia and Belarus, the main event will be a concert of the legendary Belarusian group, the honored collective of the Republic of Belarus ensemble "Syabry" under the direction of artistic director, People's Artist of Belarus Anatoly Yarmolenko.

The legendary ensemble has been delighting listeners with its creativity for four decades, combining tradition and modernity. The song art of the Belarusian ensemble, thanks to the performing skills and vocal abilities of all the artists, has become popularly known and loved.

The songs of the ensemble are constantly sounding next to us - "Alesya", "I'll lie down", "Capercaillie Dawn", "Walk so walk!", "Stove - benches", "At Krinitsa", "Zavalinka", "Six-string guitar", "Belovezhskaya Pushcha", "Belarus", "Polka Belorusskaya", "We will survive" and many others. These songs are sung at concerts near and far abroad, many have become folk, drinking songs.

The founder and permanent artistic director of the ensemble "Syabry" has been and remains the People's Artist of the Republic of Belarus Anatol Yarmolenko all these years. Possessing an original and unique lyrical voice with rich timbral coloring, refined taste and human attractiveness, Anatol Yarmolenko is the face and the very heart of the creative team, its soul.

In the creative biography of the ensemble "Syabry" 20 albums, most recorded at the company "Melody", of which 8 discs "giants". Also, 10 new CDs have been released in different countries, a lot of audio cassettes.

The concert will take place on September 16, 2015 at 19.00 on the central square of the Sochi Olympic Park. A new concert program "Song of my Belarus" will be presented to the audience. Among the dozens of works that will be performed this autumn evening, Sochi residents and guests of the resort will also hear the most famous hits of the collective, which have become native to more than one generation of our fellow citizens.