Barbecue party in the «Barkhatnye sezony»

Barbecue party in the «Barkhatnye sezony»: Photo

A barbecue party dedicated to the Independence Day of Russia will be held in the quarter of the city-hotel «Barkhatnye sezony» on Saturday, June 11.

A barbecue party is an opportunity to spend a great evening in the southernmost hotel in Sochi.

At 16:00, the celebration of Independence Day will open with a cultural and entertainment program, in which Sochi vocal and dance groups will perform. Contests will be offered for children and adults. The winners will receive prizes in the form of tickets to the Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci, Automuseum Museums, souvenirs with Olympic symbols, certificates for children's car rental and a visit to the Ice Bar.

At 20:00, the presentation of one of the most famous in the world - the Tesla show will begin. For the bravest, the opportunity to participate in the «Cage of Fear» Attraction is provided. During the attraction, the participant is in a closed cage made of metal mesh, into which real lightning strikes. The «fear cage» is actually an invention of Michael Faraday, who a hundred years ago proved that a closed grounded circuit (Faraday Cage) does not let electromagnetic radiation and high voltage inside.

As part of the event, a mini-football match «Employees-Guests» will be held, in which any guest can participate by signing up at the reception desk. The approximate time of the match is 18.00-19.00. The team consists of 7 people.

As another entertainment for children, children's car rental will work.

The entrance fee for children and adults is 150 rubles. The price includes: one skewer of barbecue, a glass of mors, entertainment program.

You can buy a ticket and get additional information about the event by contacting the reception staff or by phone: +7 862 245-10-78.