Children's Day will be celebrated in the Olympic Park


The Omega Center, one of the largest companies in the Krasnodar Territory that successfully operates the Olympic Park, with the support of the Sochi City Administration, will celebrate the International Children's Day with sports competitions, master classes and tournaments in the Olympic Park.

The championship of the city ski racing department starts at 10:00. Duathlon sprint competitions will begin in parallel. Next, chess and park orienteering competitions held under the motto «Sport is a life landmark» will start. Park orientation will take place in three types at once: on bicycles, running and on roller skates.

In the cafe-tent «Matryoshka» for children there will be master classes on baking cakes and folding matryoshkas from paper with Japanese origami technique, and a family lego marathon, lego modeling «Pervorobot» and a master class on needlework «Animals» will take place at the playground.

Theme museums, go-karts, photo zones of the Sochi Autodrom will be open all day in the Olympic Park, and at 20:00 young visitors of the park will be able to watch the amazing game of water jets of the light and music fountain «The Cup of the Olympic Flame».

International Children's Day is one of the oldest international holidays. The decision to hold it was made in 1925 at the World Conference on the Welfare of Children in Geneva. History is silent about why it was decided to celebrate this children's holiday on June 1. According to one version, in 1925, the Consul General of China in San Francisco gathered a group of Chinese orphans and arranged for them to celebrate Duan-wu tse (Dragon Boat Festival), the date of which just fell on June 1. By a happy coincidence, the day coincided with the time of the «children's» conference in Geneva.

Children's Day is not only a fun holiday for the children themselves, it is also a reminder to society about the need to protect the rights of the child, so that all children grow up happy, study, do what they love and in the future become wonderful parents and citizens of their country.