Mini golf in the Olympic Park

Mini golf in the Olympic Park: Photo

Mini golf in the Olympic Park was organized in preparation for the Olympic Sky Air Show, which took place on May 30-31, 2015.

Since September 12, 2015, mini-golf has started its work on a commercial basis. 25 tracks on the professional site are open daily from 10:00 to 19:00 between the T2 grandstand and the Rainbow Bridges.

Mini golf is an individual sports game with a club and a ball on a special field, competitions in which can be held both indoors and outdoors.

The sports game known as mini golf in its original varieties has existed for more than a hundred years. However, strictly speaking, the competitions that took place in England back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as the system of courses, clubs and tournaments «Tom Thumb Golf», which was developed in the pre-war USA, were more competitions as a component of great golf. The formation of mini-golf as an independent sport is now officially attributed to 1953, when the Swiss architect Paul Bongini built the first specialized mini-golf course in its modern sense and patented the name Minigolf.

Mini golf has become an incredibly popular game among people who love sports and outdoor activities, and special tracks for office and mini golf are already available in many executive offices. It is worth noting that mini golf is by no means an ordinary golf in a reduced format. This is a completely separate and completely independent sport.

In the usual golf, players change clubs, and in mini-golf — balls (the variety of which has long exceeded a thousand). Mini golf balls are made of completely different materials than regular golf balls. And their weight and diameter are different. But the main thing is that there is no off-season period in this sport.

As in all sports, mini golf also hosts major international tournaments. The most important of them are: Junior Nations Cup, World Junior Championship, European Championship, European Cup, World Championship. There are also Asian and American championships, but they are quoted less, since Europeans are traditionally considered the strongest athletes. The strongest players are from Germany, Sweden, Austria.

I would like to note why junior championships take such attention. The fact is that the national teams often include juniors who play at the highest level. Therefore, sometimes serious battles unfold on the fields, not inferior to the world and European championships. And this fact proves once again that mini golf is the most democratic sport.