A Fitness evening was held at the Sochi Autodrom

A Fitness evening was held at the Sochi Autodrom: Photo

More than 300 people spent an active and sporty evening at Sochi Autodrom.

One of the most popular ways to overcome the distance of the race track in 5,854 m remains a bicycle. However, those who came to the racetrack to run on the racing track were able to fully appreciate the softness of the asphalt, which was specially prepared according to the strict requirements for Formula 1 racing.

Many runners noted that it is much easier to run on the track than in the city, and the beautiful views of the Olympic Park, the sea and the mountains give the feeling of watching a bright colorful movie from famous geographical TV channels.

More than 3,500 participants will be able to fully enjoy these views on May 31 during the Sochi Half Marathon, the route of which will run through Sochi Autodrom and the Olympic Park. In order to better prepare for this big sporting event, come to Sochi Autodrom during the next fitness day.

The date and time will be announced later. The place will remain unchanged – the best motorsport track in Russia – Sochi Autodrom.