The open stage of the classic Rally Cup of Russia has ended at the Sochi Autodrom

The open stage of the classic Rally Cup of Russia has ended at the Sochi Autodrom: Photo

This weekend Sochi Autodrom hosted the Open Stage of the Classic Rally Cup of Russia.

The race has become special for both participants and spectators of the competition. For the first time in the history of Russian rally racing, a ring track was used.

For racing crews, the track surface gave an advantage in traction on steep turns and bypassing special fences, retarders. The asphalt race on the picturesque special stages outside the circuit turned out to be no less exciting. 10 of the 19 racing crews reached the finish line as a result of intense struggle on the winding mountain roads of Greater Sochi.

In the 1600H standings, luck was on the side of Vladimir Sheshenin and Alexey Shtoiko.

The youngest rider, 16-year-old Mark Kandanov, during the competition focused on the skill of cornering, and not on the pursuit of time. The chosen strategy turned out to be correct, Mark and his navigator Oleg Shulga won first place in the 2000H standings.

The crew of Yuri Borisenko and Denis Kolomiyets from Krasnodar Krai, who led in the absolute standings of Saturday's race, retained the advantage the next day, winning the Open stage of the Russian Cup Classic Rally.

The second place in the overall standings was taken by the titled crew of Vladimir Ivanov and Oleg Zimin. Repeated winners of the Russian Rally Cup stages Alexander Vasiliev and Mikhail Gendelman took third place.

In two days, more than 15 thousand people became spectators of the Sochi Autodrom – 2015 rally.