Pensioners can visit the USSR Museum for free on October 1

Pensioners can visit the USSR Museum for free on October 1: Photo

On the Day of the Elderly, which is celebrated all over the world on October 1, pensioners will be able to visit the USSR Museum for free by presenting a pension certificate. The action was organized by the NAO «Omega Center» together with the USSR Museum.

The USSR Museum in the Olympic Park is 5,000 exhibits that fully reflect the very long era of the largest country in the world, which is no longer on the map. Every thing, every device, every household item of a Soviet person seems to load you into a «time machine» for pleasant memories. Here you can walk for hours and look at each exhibit.

The International Day of the Elderly has been celebrated on October 1 since 1991. This day was proclaimed at the 45th session of the UN General Assembly.

The purpose of the Day of the Elderly is to attract public attention to the problems of the elderly; to increase public awareness of the problem of demographic aging of society, the individual and social needs of the elderly, their contribution to the development of society, the need to change attitudes towards the elderly; to ensure the independence of the elderly, participation in society, the necessary care, conditions for realizing their inner potential and maintaining their dignity.

The USSR Museum is located near the entrance to the Olympic Park at 6 Mezhdunarodnaya Street.

Opening hours: from 10:00 to 22:00. Phone for inquiries: +7 963 550 42 52.