Color Monday at the Festival of Colors

Color Monday at the Festival of Colors: Photo

On July 25, a fun holiday for children and adults - the Festival of colors «Holi» will take place on the territory of the quarter of the city–hotel «Barkhatnye sezony».

At 18.00, everyone will be able to witness or participate in a bright and spectacular show, throw out their emotions by throwing colorful «bombs» with paint at each other. The atmosphere of happiness will be supported by a special festival program with musical and dance numbers and an incendiary DJ. If you are a creative talented person, you have a chance to perform on stage!

It will be possible to buy bags with paints on the day of the Festival. The multicolored powder is made from natural food ingredients, so it is completely safe and easy to wash on clothes. Paint a boring Monday with your own colors!

Contacts for those wishing to perform on stage:

+7 (987) 242 12 71

+7 (938) 420 04 94