Rock band «Beetles» will perform in Sochi Olympic Park

Rock band «Beetles» will perform in Sochi Olympic Park: Photo

Performers of the hit «Battery» will perform on June 20 at the Sochi Olympic Park on Saturday, June 20.

Now the band consists of vocalist Valery Zhukov, guitarist Alexander Bodrov, bass guitarist Alexander Lyubarsky, accordion player Alexander Dolgikh Alexey and drummer Alexey Lobov.

The group was formed in 1991 by Valery Zhukov, a native of the Siberian city of Biysk. Valery Zhukov, who was studying at that time in Abakan, recorded the album «Okroshka» and went to Moscow with the album to audition. Zhukov failed to make his album popular: the musician changed recording studios, but his band never achieved wide recognition. As a result, during a visit to one of the recording studios, there is a meeting between Valery Zhukov and the drummer of the Bravo group, which has long been known and «thundered» throughout the country, Pavel Kuzin.

The result of Kuzin and Zhukov's collaboration was the album «To the Moon on Foot», recorded in 1994. But neither «Okroshka» nor «Walking to the Moon» were released, as there was no publisher. In 1995, after meeting through Pavel Kuzin Valery Zhukov with the head of the Bravo group Evgeny Khavtan, Zhukov received an order from Khavtan to write lyrics for the album «Bravo» «At the crossroads of Spring». Zhukov's contribution to the creation of the album turned out to be quite solid: most of the songs in the album, including the famous hit «This City», belong to the Havtan-Zhukov tandem.

In 1996, Valery updated the team of «Zhukov» and the group began writing the third album. In 1998, work on the album ends, but in August there is an economic crisis and many record labels wind down their activities. Only one studio — Monolith — decided to release the album «Zhukov». In February 1999, after a short negotiation with Monolith, a contract was signed for the release of the album. The album «Zhukov» «Battery» was released in the fall of 1999. From that moment on, the band became widely known, and the band's tours began. After a while, the band «Disco Accident» makes a remix of the song «Attraction». In the spring of 2000, the line-up changes again and becomes final, at the same time the song «Tankman» is recorded, which became an overnight hit. Recording of the next album «Zhukov» begins at the end of 2000, and in the fall of 2001 the album, recorded in three recording studios at once, is released.

In November of the same year, a contract was signed between the Nikitin Group and the Beetles group for the release of the album «Friend of a Friend», which was released in March 2002. In 2003, the single «Yoghurts» was released, which, like «Tankman», became popular, and the following year «Beetles» released two albums: «Bolt in the Nut» and a remix album «On Kryzhopol turn». In 2004, a duet with Professor Lebedinsky «Mosquitoes» was recorded — this song was recorded on the air of Russian Radio for a long time. After that, the band goes into the shadows, having pleased fans in 2007 only with the song «Tooth (I love you any)» and a video clip for it. The next appearance of the band on the horizon of show business happened in the spring of 2011, when the song «Fell out of Love» appeared on the air of «Our Radio». In July 2011, the band performed on the main stage of the NASHE Radio festival «Invasion» and was warmly welcomed by the audience.

We are waiting for you on the central square of the Olympic Park on June 20 at 19.00!

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