Russian singer Maksim will conquer the Olympic Park at the end of July

Russian singer Maksim will conquer the Olympic Park at the end of July: Photo

The only performer in Russia whose 6 singles have consistently risen to the top of the Russian radio chart, singer Maxim will perform on July 25 at the Olympic Park.

Success came to the singer with the release of the album «Difficult Age» on March 28, 2006, which sold more than 1.5 million copies, and in 2007 MakSim became the most commercially successful singer in Russia. MakSim has twice won in the nomination «Best Performer» at the Russian Music Awards ceremony of the MTV channel and the Muz-TV Awards. On February 2, 2008, at the annual awards ceremony of the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper «Sound Track», the singer won in the nomination «Best Performer of the Year». MakSim is the owner of 12 statuettes «Golden Gramophone».

The singer's second album, «My Paradise», sold more than 1.3 million copies. The total circulation of the singer's albums sold is more than six million copies. MakSim is the only singer whose 7 singles consistently took first place in the general radio chart of the CIS countries. In 2008, she recorded the soundtrack of the same name for the film «Running on the Waves». In 2009, together with rapper Ligaliz, she recorded the song «Heaven, go to Sleep», used to advertise the film «Taras Bulba» (the song does not sound in the picture itself). On June 5, 2009, MakSim received the Muz-TV award as the best performer. In 2009, she recorded the song «The Road» for the film «The Book of Masters», which became the soundtrack of the picture. In December 2009, the singer's third studio album, «Loner», was released, which received gold status and two platinum ones. In 2011, the singer was included in the rating of «One Hundred most influential women in Russia» compiled by the Echo of Moscow radio station, RIA Novosti news agencies, Interfax and Ogonyok magazine.

MakSim (formerly - Maxi-M; real name — Marina Sergeevna Abrosimova, born June 10, Kazan, USSR) is a Russian singer, author, performer and music producer, Honored Artist of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic.

By the age of 15, having firmly decided to become a singer, Marina begins to take the first steps in her musical career. At the studios of Kazan, in collaboration with the group «Pro-Z», her first songs are recorded: «Alien», «Start» and «Passer-by». The song «Get Started» becomes a local hit in Tatarstan, gets into the rotation of local radio stations and is often played in clubs. After a while, the song gets into the collection «Russian Ten», but under the authorship of the incredibly popular at that time group «t.A.T.u.»

MakSim begins to pursue his career on his own, records new songs. During this period, the singer performs as a low-budget project, cooperates with little-known collectives, for example, with the group «Lips», which she remembers with reluctance.

Also, during that period MakSim wrote songs for the group «Sh-cola», including «Vecherina», «Night Amazons», «Cool Producer», «Love it or not» and «I'm flying away like this». In 2003, the singer independently released the single «Difficult Age» on the radio, which, however, did not have much success, as did the second single «Tenderness». In recording songs, the singer is assisted by the Kazan group «Pro-Z», whose members act as arrangers and producers of new songs.

In 2004, MakSim released the song «Centimeters of Breath» on the radio. Unexpectedly, the single is a great success, despite the fact that it was not supported by any promotional campaign, reaching the 34th position in the general radio chart of the CIS countries. However, the singer still remains unknown to the general public.

Having given her first performances in clubs in Kazan and other cities of Russia, MakSim understands that she needs changes, and goes to Moscow. In the capital, the girl collects material for her first solo album, writes new songs.

Having collected enough material, MakSim starts looking for a company that will agree to work with her, and turns to Gala Records. The company, after watching a demodisk of the singer with a recording of her performance at a concert in St. Petersburg, decides to work with her.

Work begins on the first solo album «Difficult Age». In Moscow, MakSim begins to collaborate with the full-time sound producer of Gala Records studio Anatoly Stelmachenko, who produces new songs of the singer at the Moscow studio. During this time, a new version of the song «Difficult Age» is being recorded, and work continues on the compositions «Become a Wind» and «Let Go». In 2005, the single «Difficult Age» was reissued under the title «Difficult Age (2005 version)».

On April 29, 2008, the first official autograph session of the singer took place in Moscow, timed to coincide with the release of the gift edition of the album «My Paradise». More than 700 people came to the meeting with MakSim. In an interview, the singer said that she really likes the fans of her talent. In the middle of 2008, rumors about MakSim's pregnancy appeared. The singer's press service does not comment on the information in any way, however, with the release of the new single «The Best Night», it becomes clear that MakSim is really pregnant. In the video for the song, the singer appears with an already noticeably rounded belly.

The new single, like the previous ones, rises to the first place of the radio chart, having stayed on it for 7 weeks. The song becomes the singer's most successful single. By the end of the year, the album «My Paradise» has sold more than 1.3 million copies.

On February 13, 2015, Maxim released a new video for the song «Became Freer». The clip became MakSim's second video work in 2015 after «Don't Exhale».

What distinguishes MakSim from other performers? This is, first of all, the sincerity that permeates all her songs, which Maxim writes herself. By the way, Maxim comes up with clips for his songs herself. Maxim is a really talented singer.

Almost all of Maxim's songs are real masterpieces! They top the ratings of most Russian charts on music channels, on all radio stations. Few people can still boast of such results.