Live concerts in the Olympic Park will continue with the performance of the band Infiniti

Live concerts in the Olympic Park will continue with the performance of the band Infiniti: Photo

A Russian musical group working in the genre of electronic dance music, winner of the Golden Gramophone Award in 2008 and 2010, will perform a concert on the Central Square in the Olympic Park.

The group consists of Tatiana Bondarenko and Alexey Kutuzov.

The team went to fame for a long time. The guys created the group back in 1999 and then it was called «Black and White». Tatiana Bondarenko «Malta» wrote the music and lyrics, and Alexey Kutuzov answered the arrangement. The band received its current name «Infiniti» in 2006.

Having started working with the Gala Records studio in 2007, they became famous by singing the single «Where are You». The song got a new sound and became a successful radio hit. The song lasted four weeks at the top of the Russian chart.

By 2010, the Infiniti project had gained popularity, was twice awarded the Golden Gramophone and other music awards. The long-awaited fame came to the guys, but they do not intend to stop. In July 2011, the single «You are my Hero» appeared, for which a video clip was subsequently shot. Another single of 2011 was the song «I miss you so much».

2012 was remembered for two more Infiniti compositions - the songs «The Other» and «And he is like that».

Tickets for the band's concert are already on sale ( /). The price category of tickets is 500 and 700 rubles.

We are waiting for you on the central square of the Olympic Park on June 13 at 20.00!

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