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  • Tour «Fairytale Forest»: the route goes along forest paths, at the intersection of mountain rivers, fords, multiple descents and ascents. One of the planned stops «Boxwood Gorge».
  • Tsar's Bridge Tour: The route passes through the wilder part of the forest, with a stop at the «Tsar's Bridge». You are guaranteed extraordinary emotions and sensations, «adrenaline rush». *The cost of the tour includes equipment, a helmet, a protective suit.
  • Tour «Mammoth Gorge»: a long route, runs along the border area of ​​Russia-Abkhazia. Exit to the Mammoth Gorge. A picnic is planned on the route. A prerequisite for the tour is the presence of a Russian passport.
  • Tropical Aibga Tour: long route, designed for the whole day. It will lead you to the valley of the Psou River, to the border with Abkhazia. You will meet with one of the highest waterfalls in the Krasnodar Territory - the Bezymyanny waterfall and visit the high mountain village of Aibga, where you will see the Gagrinsky Range of wild Abkhazia. A picnic will be organized along the route.

The sale of excursions is carried out at the reception desks near the reception, as well as in special pavilions on the territory of the city-hotel «Barkhatnye sezony».

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