Ornithological Park

Ornithological Park: Photo

Sochi is an amazing place with a centuries-old history, but the main wealth of the city is its nature. These are the purest Black Sea, the Caucasus Mountains, rivers and valleys, caves and grottos, waterfalls and centuries-old relict plants that have preserved their primeval state.

Here you can not only swim in the sea, go hiking and get a bronze tan, but also see numerous attractions that are available for free, or for a very nominal fee. Today we want to tell you about two incredible parks that every guest and resident of Sochi should visit!

Natural ornithological Park in the Imereti lowland. A beautiful place offering stunning views of the Caucasus Mountains. Every corner of the park lives and pleases the eye - from evergreen hedges to rare feathered birds listed in the Red Book.

Interesting fact: according to the majority of locals and guests of the resort, it is the seagulls that are a kind of symbol of the city. But not everyone knows that in the Sochi Black Sea region there are more than 10 different types of gulls: lake gull, Laughing gull, blue and small gull, Klusha, Haley, Armenian gull and Mayevka gull. And they all live in this park, basking in the sun with lazy turtles and wise owls.

Here everyone will feel unity with nature, feel part of something bigger and breathe deeply, and a clearing with rabbits will cause genuine delight among children.