On July 11, Degrees will perform in the Olympic Park

On July 11, Degrees will perform in the Olympic Park: Photo

The popular group «Degrees» will conquer the Sochi Olympic Park on July 11.

According to the guys, their songs are written about «our» unreal life are not aimed at achieving commercial success, but express their own easy attitude to life. This is a way of communicating with fans, ordinary people like them, a desire to share their emotions and impressions with the listener.

On March 3, 2011, the debut album of the group «Degrees» «Naked» was released. The record includes eleven compositions, including the already popular hits «Director», «Who are you», «I will never again». The guys were full of positive emotions and surprised the audience with extravagant outfits, a new sound of their favorite songs, an original design of the stage – white roses were used as decor. The audience actively sang along with the group, showing excellent knowledge of the text, which surprised the artists themselves.

The group «Degrees» appeared in 2008. The band members, who had previously participated in various musical groups, were brought together by Dmitry Bakhtinov (Fidel). Roman Pashkov and Ruslan Tagiyev (DJ BAK$) wrote the songs «Director», «7:00», «My Time», «Tramp», «Radio Rain», etc. Then they were joined by the former drummer of the band «City 312» Viktor Golovanov.

Roman Pashkov, Viktor Golovanov and Dmitry Bakhtinov were previously musicians of the Stavropol band Locust (band). The band played its first concert under the name «Degree 100» after a month and a half of active rehearsals — on May 29, 2008.

The song «Director», which appeared in the fall of 2009, received strong rotation on the air of many radio stations: Europe Plus, Russian Radio, Fresh Radio, Hit FM, Radio Siberia and also took high places in the charts. According to the results of 2009, the song took the 6th place in the chart of the most downloaded digital singles in Russia. The song also reached the first place in the Russian radio chart. The video clip for this song was on MTV and MUZ-TV, and participated in the program Russian Ten.

If you try to understand what kind of music the band «Degrees» play, then a mixture of pop music, pop rock, funk and sometimes reggae can be clearly heard here. The energetic mix sounds wonderful and harmonious.

We are waiting for you on the central square of the Olympic Park on July 11 at 19.00!

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