The action «Night of Museums» will be held in the Olympic Park

The action «Night of Museums» will be held in the Olympic Park: Photo

On May 21, the annual Night of Museums event will take place around the world. This year, 4 museums of the Sochi Olympic Park will join the action at once.

3 museums of the Sochi Museum complex will open their doors for guests and residents of Sochi at once - the Museum of the Olympic Games, the Nikola Tesla Electric Museum, the Leonardo da Vinci Mechanical Museum, as well as the Sochi Auto Sport Museum located in the Main Grandstand of Sochi Autodrom.

The show at the Electric Museum of Nikola Tesla is dedicated to two anniversaries: Tesla was born 160 years ago, and 120 years ago he patented his «coil».

Museums will receive visitors on May 21 from 21.00 to 23.00.

In May 2015, a unique exhibition complex «Sochi Museum» appeared in Sochi in the Olympic Park, where four expositions are presented to residents of the city and tourists.
The «Museum of the Olympic Games» tells in detail about the role of the Krasnodar Territory in the world Olympic movement. Kids-athletes and their parents will be able to take a closer look at sports equipment and equipment used by famous Russian athletes, learn about the sports history of the region.

Children can get lessons in mechanics and electricity by visiting museums named after the greatest geniuses Nikola Tesla and Leonardo da Vinci. Illustrative examples of the action of electric discharges, the strength of electricity and mechanical factors are presented in an original game form that will delight not only young visitors, but also adults. The Nikola Tesla Electrical Museum also boasts the world's only permanently operating stationary high-voltage test site with three musical Tesla coils, which hosts the Megavolt Lightning Lord show. This is an incredible spectacle that takes the breath away from absolutely all categories of spectators.

Museum Night is an international event dedicated to the International Museum Day, during which you can view museum exhibits at night. On this night, many museums are open to visitors after sunset and almost until morning. The main goal of the action is to show the resource, opportunities, potential of modern museums, to attract young people to museums.
The first Night of Museums was held in Berlin in 1997.