Alexander Povetkin: «We will cheer for Daniil Kvyat!»

Alexander Povetkin: «We will cheer for Daniil Kvyat!»: Photo

The famous boxer visited Sochi Autodrom and shared his feelings about the track.

​Alexander Povetkin took time out of his tight schedule and visited the Sochi Autodrom to see how the Formula 1 track is arranged from the inside. The boxer walked around the paddock, visited the race control room and climbed to the podium, after which he drove a lap around the Sochi Autodrom.

We couldn't miss this opportunity and asked the heavyweight about the feelings of the track, physical exercises and favorite rider.

What made the biggest impression on you on the track?

I'm here for the first time and I was amazed by the volumes! Everything is very beautiful, the infrastructure is large and there are so many facilities — a very large-scale project. And, of course, the turns of the track made a great impression — hard braking, then — sharp acceleration. In such a short time to slow down, change direction and drive on — it's an amazing feeling!

Do you have a favorite racer?

To be honest, I have never closely followed Formula 1, but this year we will definitely support Daniil Kvyat.

Are you going to come to the race in October?

I don't know, you need to check your work schedule. But even if I don't come, I will definitely watch it on TV!

Sochi Autodrom often hosts fitness days, what advice would you give to those who come here to train?

The main advice is to train. Here you can do just a lot of exercises: push-ups, running, jumping, squatting. If everyone attracts new people to communicate in a healthy society — friends, brother, sister, it will be very cool.