The alley of eucalyptus trees appeared in the hotel «Barkhatnye sezony»

The alley of eucalyptus trees appeared in the hotel «Barkhatnye sezony»: Photo

A named alley of almost 70 trees was planted on the Independence Day of Russia on the territory of the city-hotel «Barkhatnye sezony» in the «Catherine Quarter».

On this day, everyone, hotel guests and employees of the NAO «Omega Center» were able to plant their personal eucalyptus. For planting, a special soil was purchased, saturated with fertilizers and hydrogel, capable of retaining moisture near the root of the plant for a long time.

Planting material resistant to subtropical climate was provided by one of the Sochi nurseries.

70 trees of eucalyptus Gunn silver perfectly fit into the landscape of the largest hotel in Russia. The decorative effect of the plant was given by its young heart-shaped rounded leaves, which have a bluish coating and appear white in the sun.

Vacationers from Taganrog and Moscow, as well as residents of the Krasnodar Territory, responded to the action, which took place on the Independence Day of Russia.

After planting, serial numbers of planting appeared near each tree, which will be replaced by nameplates with the names and surnames of those who planted the tree in the southernmost hotel in Russia.