Trampoline center opened in the Adler-Arena complex

Trampoline center opened in the Adler-Arena complex: Photo

Almost every resident and guest of Sochi has the opportunity to try a new entertainment in the Olympic Park – trampolining. Here visitors will be able not only to enjoy classes, but also to feel like a part of the 2014 Olympic Games.

The trampoline center is:

- 300 square meters of entertainment area where visitors can have fun and get a lot of benefits from classes;

- a professional zone for athletes of different sports, where they can practice various tricks without harm to their health;

- trampolines for amateurs, where the visitor will be able to jump for his pleasure or hold a lesson to strengthen his health;

- foam pit, which is loved not only by children, but also by adults;

- trampoline fitness – physiologists have found that the benefits of trampolining exceed the benefits of running by 68%;

- Trampolines for children – children who start jumping from the age of 1.5 have much better developed motor skills, coordination and vestibular apparatus;

- A cafe area where visitors relax after classes, and parents are waiting for their children over a cup of coffee or tea;

Thanks to such equipment, every visitor will find something to do in the Trampoline Center of the Adler Arena.

For more information, please call +7 (928) 853-11-73.

The Adler-Arena Olympic Palace has become one of the best multifunctional complexes in Sochi for holding various kinds of events from sports to congress and exhibition.

The area of the object is more than 49 thousand m2. For any event, the Adler Arena can be transformed or zoned with the possibility of accommodating up to 3,500 thousand people in each zone.

The Adler Arena Olympic facility was originally built to host international speed skating competitions and the 2014 Olympic Games.