Free master classes in roller sports will start in the Olympic Park

Free master classes in roller sports will start in the Olympic Park: Photo

Regular free master classes in roller sports will start in the Extreme Park on September 16. At the master classes, professional instructors and athletes will introduce those who wish to modern extreme sports, demonstrate and tell about the disciplines of this sport. Instructors will advise what kind of videos there are and for what, where they can be purchased, and also show parents how to teach their child to ride.

Since 2004, roller sport has been an official sport in Russia.

Roller skating is a unique type of motor activity that allows you to harmoniously combine active, energetic movements with the beneficial effects of external forces of nature. While running on roller skates, almost all the muscles of the body are involved in the work, which increases the activity of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as increases metabolism.

Roller skating or roller skating in the air, athletes perform a lot of physical work in natural conditions. Such classes have a beneficial effect on the body, strengthen the nervous system, create a cheerful, cheerful mood, are a strong hardening agent that prevents the appearance of many diseases. Roller skating after work or school allows you to recover mental and physical strength faster. Young people are very willing to rollerblade, because it is fashionable, modern, useful.

Master classes will be held every Friday from 17.00 to 19.00, and Sunday from 9.00 to 11.00. You can sign up for a master class by phone: +7 999 656-46-64 Vladimir Viktorovich, Skype- instructor3235