The Cup of the Olympic Flame greets the guests of the Olympic Park with new melodies

The Cup of the Olympic Flame greets the guests of the Olympic Park with new melodies: Photo

A new musical program for the operation of the light and music fountain «The Cup of the Olympic Flame» was programmed by the specialists of the NAO «Omega Center».

The melodies of the war years were supplemented with a song from the film «Seventeen Moments of Spring», «Somewhere Far Away» performed by Iosif Kobzon, «Cranes» by Jan Frenkel performed by Mark Bernes and «Tanks rumbled on the field», as well as a potpourri of compositions 40-50 g .G. XX century.

The modern block of melodies included the song «Cuckoo» performed by Polina Gagarina, «Fly away on the wings of the wind» performed by Evgenia Sotnikova, «Show must go on» by Freddie Mercury, a mix of Michael Jackson's songs.

The classic block of songs included a 15-minute medley of famous waltzes, The Nutcracker, a piano study and Swan Lake by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

The entire musical program is designed for 60 minutes.

When changing melodies, a team of specialists reprogrammed the lighting of the fountain, the «fan rowers» shots of the air guns.

The fountain is located on the Central Square of the Olympic Park. To create water light and music shows, the fountain has more than 240 mini-guns, 6 hyper-guns, a water mist system, 12 robots with fan rowers, thousands of strobe lights and color spotlights that create spectacular and dynamic illumination of the fountain jets, the height of which reaches 50 meters.

All the high-tech equipment that makes the Olympic Fountain the most striking attraction in Sochi is hidden underground. Under the bowl, which holds 7 thousand cubic meters of water, there are fog generators, powerful pumps, a water treatment station, and compressed air storage tanks.