«Factory girls» will perform at the Olympic Park on July 4

«Factory girls» will perform at the Olympic Park on July 4: Photo

Performers of the hits «Oh, Mom, I fell in love», «Factory girls» the Fabrika group will perform a concert in the Sochi Olympic Park on Saturday, July 4.

An action has been announced especially for the fans of the band! Until 12:00 on July 1, the ticket price is 300 rubles. Tickets can be purchased at parter.ru and kassir.ru .

The first hit of the group «About love», which the «factory girls» performed at the final show of the «Factory of Stars», stayed at the highest level of the hit parade for 26 weeks. The debut album «Factory girls» was released in 2003 and was a resounding success. Fabrika gave a huge number of concerts all over the country and abroad.

The girls own four «Golden Gramophone» awards, the «Stop Hit» award, and according to Glamour in 2005, «Fabrika» is the «Best Pop Group». The songs of «Fabrika» constantly receive rotation on the leading radio stations of the country, their clips regularly appear on music TV channels, almost no large-scale musical event in the field of modern pop music can do without their participation.

In October 2002, the chief producer of the TV project «Star Factory» Igor Matvienko decided to create a female pop group. It included Irina Toneva, Sati Kazanova, Alexandra Savelieva, Maria Alalykina. During the «Star Factory» project, the group performed the songs «About Love», «Oh, yes», «You Understand» (a duet by Irina Toneva and Pavel Artemyev). At the end of this year, the Factory took 2nd place.

Some time later, Maria Alalykina left the group for family reasons and after her departure, the group became a trio consisting of Irina Toneva, Sati Kazanova and Alexandra Savelyeva. It was in this line-up that the band achieved popularity.

In May 2010, Sati Casanova left the band, deciding to pursue a solo career. Instead of Sati, the ex-soloist of the Hi-Fi group Ekaterina Li was invited to the group. Her debut took place in the video for the song «I'll kiss you», and after a while the group shoots a video together with singer Arash «Ali Baba».

In 2011, the group took part in the project «Star Factory. Return». Fabrika was part of the producer Igor Matvienko's team. At the project, the band performed a new song «Stops» (together with Vener, for which a video was later shot).

In 2013, Alexandra Savelieva began to pursue a solo career, while working in a group. In July, Fabrika presented a video for the song «Don't be born Beautiful», however, during the filming of the video, Ekaterina Lee suffered a back injury, which caused her to be suspended from work, and the concert activity of the group was temporarily suspended.

A feature of the «Factory Girls» are stable compositions, which is not typical for such groups. At the moment, the composition has changed only three times. Now, instead of Katya Lee, who left due to a spinal injury, a new soloist Alexandra Popova has joined the group. This became known after the soloist of the group, Sasha Savelyeva, posted a photo of the trio in a new composition: «The updated composition of the Fabrika group! Meet me! Alexandra Popova,» she signed the picture.