Fountain «Olympic Flame Bow» reproduces eight musical compositions

 Fountain «Olympic Flame Bow» reproduces eight musical compositions: Photo
Currently, eight musical compositions of classics of Russian and foreign music, as well as songs of the Soviet years, specially recorded for the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, are being played on the fountain «Cup of the Olympic Flame» in the Sochi Olympic Park.

«To create water light and music shows, more than 240 mini-cannons, 6 hyper-cannons, a water mist system, 12 robots with fan paddlers, thousands of strobe lights and color spotlights are installed on the fountain, creating spectacular and dynamic illumination of the fountain jets whose height reaches 50 meters,» said the General Director of «Omega Center» Valery Danchenko.

The Olympic Flame Bowl is located on a monumental structure (stele) and embodies the image of a character in Russian fairy tales – the Firebird. The bird's wings cover a circular pool, in which a world-class light and music fountain is arranged. Unique water-entertainment equipment, some of which have never been used in the world before, and arbitrary programming of the fountain will allow you to create an unforgettable show and be an ornament of the Olympic Park.

On the scale of the internal space of the entire Olympic Park, the «Olympic Flame Bow» occupies a place of honor. The dynamic, more than forty-meter stele, located along the central axis of the main Fisht stadium and the Adler Arena Indoor Skating Center, is the dominant feature of the central sports square.

The volume of the «Olympic Flame Bow» is functionally designed to accompany water light and music shows. The entrances to the structure are located on the south side. They provide access to the technical floor, to the ventilation and electrical equipment placement areas and to the central part of the bird's body.

Inside the facility, all zones function without intersecting and without disturbing the working rhythm. All the processes of the «Olympic Flame Bow» fountain are automated. The created automation system is designed to control the technological equipment of the fountain, monitor the technical condition of the equipment, and dispatch ongoing processes.

The fountain's working hours for June are from 20-00 to 21-00.(Monday to Sunday)

On Saturday, the fountain's working hours depend on the time of the artists' performance on the Central Square of the Olympic Park.