The fountain in the Olympic Park switched to winter mode of operation

The fountain in the Olympic Park switched to winter mode of operation: Photo

In winter, the fountain in the Olympic Park will begin its work from 18:30. For everyone, the fountain «Cup of the Olympic Flame» will continue to play 8 compositions of classics of Russian and foreign music, as well as songs of the Soviet years, specially recorded for the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, for an hour (until 19:30).

The light and music fountain «Olympic Flame Bowl» during the Olympics and Paralympics several times a day threw out water jets illuminated in different shades of five colors to a height of up to 60 meters with the help of water cannons, robots and 1000 strobe lights. The duration of the musical program was 12 minutes and 246 water jets came to life to the music of Russian composers.

The fountain is surrounded by a pedestrian zone for spectators. There is a backlight mounted around the perimeter in the form of a closed ring, whose task is to create the feeling of a bird flying above the ground. White strobe lights are used for this purpose. The figure of the «Firebird» is also illuminated, and special lighting effects cover the bird's body with colorful «feathers».

Together with gas, ventilation and electrical equipment, the mechanisms that control the fountain are hidden underground. Under the bowl, which holds 2 thousand tons of water, there are fog generators, powerful pumps, a water treatment station, compressed air storage tanks.