Intensive for children at sea

The Center for Children's Correctional Development and Neuropsychology is recruiting a group for an 18-day intensive course in speech therapy correction and neurocorrection/neurorehabilitation. Accommodation will be arranged in the city-hotel "Velvet Seasons".

DATE: from June 18 to July 6

THE COURSES ARE CONDUCTED BY A TEAM OF LEADING SPECIALISTS OF THE CENTER (MOSCOW): ✅ Drozd Ivan Andreevich @i_drozd (supervisor of the Center, psychologist, neuropsychologist, tomatis therapist)
✅ Elmira Shamilevna Drozd @elmiradrozd (neuropsychologist, psychologist, art therapist) ✅ Belaya Tatiana Konstantinovna (speech pathologist, neurodefectologist)

  • General group thematic classes on the seashore (2 times a day).
  • Group classes in clay therapy / art therapy.
  • Individual lessons with a neuropsychologist.
  • Individual lessons with a speech pathologist.
  • Individual lessons with a psychologist, clay therapist, art therapist.
  • Kinesiotaping.
  • Thematic introductory seminars-workshops for parents.
  • Evening meetings with specialists for parents.