International Day of Happiness in the city-hotel «Barkhatnye sezony».

International Day of Happiness in the city-hotel «Barkhatnye sezony».: Photo

Friends, on March 20, the whole world celebrates the International Day of Happiness! The holiday was approved by the UN General Assembly in order to support the idea that the pursuit of happiness is an inherent desire of every person on the planet!

We invite guests and residents of Sochi who want to learn more about Happiness to celebrate the Day of Happiness together - in the city-hotel «Barkhatnye sezony»!

A lesson of Happiness and Laughter Yoga is waiting for you! At the Happiness lesson, we will talk about what happiness is, share and recharge happiness from each other, explore the keys to happiness, learn how to be happier every day! Leading: Ellina Akinshina - Ambassador of the Culture of Happiness in Sochi and Valentina Verbitskaya - psychologist, founder of the center for personal growth «Fractal».

At the Yoga of Laughter, the trainer will teach everyone a unique method of breathing exercises in a playful way through Laughter. What will you learn? Thanks to this practice, health improves! You can get rid of stress and negative emotions! Recharge with hormones of happiness! Moderator: Angelika Okoneshnikova, an international certified laughter yoga coach.

The guests will be shown a fragment of the good movie «Happiness is...» The Disney company's tape contains stories, each of which has a kind ending and proves in its own way that everyone deserves happiness.

The events will take place in the «September» hall («Catherine Quarter», Building 6) from 11 to 13 o'clock.

Also in the program is a landing of tui on the alley of Happiness in the «Sports Quarter», a master class + a business game «Happiness in activity».

Join us and create Happiness around you! Participation is free of charge.