Mitjet and Sochi Autodrom Winter Cup – the fight continues

Mitjet and Sochi Autodrom Winter Cup – the fight continues: Photo

«Due to the festive events and the arrival of a large number of delegations, the events at the Sochi Autodrom will not take place on Saturday. We are pleased to offer on Sunday a discount to holders of Olympic and Paralympic accreditation in the amount of not 10%, but 20%.

Sincerely, the Sochi Autodrom team.»

On February 8, 2015, the main events of the race weekend at Sochi Autodrom will be the third stage of the Krasnodar Territory Open Championship in Motor Racing in the «Mitjet 2L» class and the Sochi Autodrom Winter Cup for the best time on the track (Time Attack).

A special feature of the Mitjet series will be the international composition of participants - an exciting fight for the title of champion will unfold between pilots from Russia and France.

Participants from the Southern Federal District will compete for the Sochi Autodrom Winter Cup as part of the third stage of Attack Time. Racers will have to show all their skills, trying to set lap records.

In addition, every weekend you are still expected on excursions to the Sochi Autodrom and the Sports Car Museum. It offers a racing taxi, track sessions on your cars and the opportunity to rent a Mazda MX5 Aori sports roadster.

Schedule of events on February 08, 2015

Schedule of racing activities for spectators on February 8:

11.25 - racing taxi

12.50 - racing taxi and Mazda rental

13.45 - racing taxi

13.00, 14.30, 16.00 - Excursions

Schedule of Mitjet and Timeattack competitions on February 08, 2015:

15:00-15:20 - Mitjet Race

15: 30-15: 50 - Test attempts of Timeattack Turing

16:00-16: 20 - scoring attempts Timeattack Grand Tourism

16: 30-16:50 - scoring attempts Timeattack Unlimited