German musical group Scooter will perform at the Olympic Park on August 9

German musical group Scooter will perform at the Olympic Park on August 9: Photo
A German musical group focused on dance and energetic music, which is known in many countries of the world, will come to Sochi for the first time and give a concert in the Olympic Park.

Along with such bands as Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Modern Talking, Rammstein, Scorpions, Boney M., Scooter is one of the most successful musical groups in the history of Germany, which is confirmed by more than 30 million sales of albums and singles worldwide, as well as more than 80 gold and platinum records of albums and singles.

In the mid-1990s, the band managed to turn the happy hardcore style into a pop culture phenomenon and bring it out of the deep underground in which it was at the beginning of the decade. Such works as «Endless Summer», «Friends», «Move Your Ass» reflect the fundamental aspects of the sound of happy hardcore — a fast, groovy tempo and «squeaking» vocals resembling the voice of a baby. It was such a strong know-how that it entered the canonical image of this direction of electronic dance music and became a special distinguishing feature of many happy hardcore musical compositions.

The largest website dedicated to this direction certainly refers the Scooter group to the representatives of the so-called «old school»-happyhardcore, although it notes that as of 2008 the group belongs to the commercial dance scene. Subsequently, some elements of happy hardcore remained in the band's work, despite the change in the direction of creativity in different periods.

The band's compositions are often used in movies and on television, as well as on mass sports shows. In 1997, «Fire» was included in the soundtrack of the feature film «Mortal Kombat 2», then used in the second part of the film «Hackers».

In 1998, the full band took part in the filming of one of the episodes of the most popular German TV series Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei as guest stars. In the episode, H.P. played the role of the leader of the rock band «Scooter», who is kidnapped by bandits.

In the TV show «Beware, Modern!» on Russian television, the track «Let Me Be Your Valentine» was used. Many instrumental compositions and songs of the band are used for voicing various videos on the Internet, in particular, on YouTube.

In 2010, the song «Stuck On Replay» became the official anthem of the Ice Hockey World Championship. HP Baxter became the official representative of the championship, and all tracks from the released single were used in the musical design of the tournament.

At the end of the matches of the football club «Lokomotiv» (Moscow), as a rule, a recording of the song «How Much Is the Fish?» is performed. Fans of the Romanian football club Steaua and the North American Philadelphia Union use the song «Maria (I Like It Loud)» as their anthem. In the latter case, this composition is also performed after each goal scored against the opponents on the stadium radio.

The group regularly participates in charity events — fundraisers to fight AIDS, for disabled children affected by natural disasters.