«Omega» Dmitry Pleshakov was awarded a diploma of the Administration of the Krasnodar Territory

«Omega» Dmitry Pleshakov was awarded a diploma of the Administration of the Krasnodar Territory: Photo

Dmitry Pleshakov, Head of the Sochi Autodrom Department of the Omega Center, was awarded a Certificate of Honor by the Administration of the Krasnodar Territory "For active participation in the preparation and holding of the Olympic Sky air show, which was held in the Olympic Park in May this year.

Dmitry Pleshakov came to Sochi Autodrom in November 2014. He heads the Automobile Sports Federation of Krasnodar Krai and the Federation of Aeroplane Sports of the Krai. All activities that take place at the Sochi Autodrom are either supervised by the Automobile Federation or conducted by the federation.

According to him, «at the age of 18 I came to motorsport and fell in love with speed for life.» «I went to the rally as an assistant and got sick with motorsport. Two months after the end of the regional competition, I built myself a VAZ-2108 and went to the next Rally-2002 competitions as a participant,» says Dmitry Pleshakov.

On a self-built car, he repeatedly became the winner and prize-winner of the Southern Federal District Motorsport Championship. Later, on the VAZ-2112, he became the champion of Russia, the owner of the Cup of Russia. In total, there are 168 prizes in Dmitry's «piggy bank» at competitions of various levels.

Dmitry Pleshakov drives all types of cars up to a forklift truck, as well as a tank; has rights as an amateur helicopter pilot. Sea transport is also in Pleshakov's driving arsenal. An underwater scooter and boats of various categories are also in Dmitry's «subordination».

Dmitry Pleshakov organized the Olympic Sky airshow very systematically and professionally, as he himself flew as a co-pilot and personally knows the pilots of several Russian aerobatic groups. Dmitry himself conquered the military MiG-29. Flying into the stratosphere became the «ultimate aerobatics» in his sports career.

«I have skydived 24 times and bungee jumping more than once. I think that's all I need to do in the near future,» Dmitry Pleshakov added with a smile.

Now Dmitry Pleshakov is actively engaged in the preparation of the largest automotive event of the 2015 FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX of RUSSIA, which will be held in Sochi from October 8 to 11.