Partner of the All-Russian Beach Games - NAO «Omega Center»

Partner of the All-Russian Beach Games - NAO «Omega Center»: Photo

The first ever All-Russian Beach Games opened in Sochi, the official partner of which was the NAO «Omega Center».

During the week, more than 1,000 athletes will compete in 11 sports and compete for medals at the Games. Anton Antonov, Deputy Director of the Summer Sports Development Department of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, said that the All-Russian Beach Games could become annual.

«It is planned that the Games will be held every year. Sochi has all the conditions for this. The venues have been prepared and will be available for use in the future, so it is logical to fix the venue of the Beach Games outside the city of Sochi. But first, let's hold the first Games. Athletes continue to arrive. Within the framework of the Games, 9 sports federations and 11 sports are involved. In the future, it is also planned to expand the sports program of competitions, there are already a number of interested federations, and at the end of the year we will hold a meeting on this issue,» Antonov said.

The first All-Russian Beach Games opened with matches of the beach soccer tournament. As part of the Sochi Games, the Russian Championship Superfinal is being held, where four of the country's strongest clubs take part according to the results of the regular championship – St. Petersburg «Crystal», Moscow «Locomotive» and «Dynamo», as well as Samara «Wings of the Soviets».

On the second day of the All–Russian Beach Games, the first sets of awards will be played - in the «Formula of the Future» (water-motor sport), in the discipline «triathlon» of modern pentathlon, as well as in Yakut jumps. A total of 143 sets of awards will be played until September 20 within the framework of the I All-Russian Beach Games.