The first day of the festival «Olympus-fest» in the Olympic Park

The first day of the festival «Olympus-fest» in the Olympic Park: Photo

All guests of the Olympic Park were able to see who will «score» louder with bass from their tuned and branded cars, who will jump higher in basketball competitions and who will take a sharper turn in drift races on the first day of the Olymp-fest 2015 tourist and music festival.

Since the morning, about 100 tuned cars have arrived from ten regions of our country. As part of the stage of the World Championship in Car Sound- dB Drag Racing for maximum sound pressure, without sparing horns and batteries, from the very morning, amateurs of non-standard hobbies competed. 

A little later, amateurs and professionals in skateboarding, BMX and roller skates entered the competitive process. Especially for such activities, a fanbox with quarters for bicycles, a mini ramp for skate and a street line for roller skates was equipped. Everyone took part in the competition. 

A man with a mysterious smile, exotic appearance, amazing life story Dj DaVlaD entertained his fans from the stage at Medals Plaza in the evening. Being a master of his craft, Dj DaVlaD was able to light up the dance floor, masterfully recognized the tastes of the audience and created a positive atmosphere present this evening in the Olympic Park. 

And then a Russian rap artist, composer, TV and radio presenter, actor, screenwriter, director and producer Basta took the stage. He is also known by pseudonyms such as Noggano and N1NT3ND0. 

Basta works in his own direction – more lyrical and melodic than the rest of the rappers. Basta is a famous rapper, but rap is just an organic form in order to speak in modern language about eternal themes - about love, happiness, losses. His songs do not fit into the rigid framework of some well-known direction, rather, they create a new, immediately and unmistakably recognizable style, the bright features of which are the correct, beautiful Russian language, understandable to the listener from any stratum of society, and simple melodies, harmonious and pleasant. His songs conquer people who are far from traditional rap.