The President of Russia held an open lesson on the Day of Knowledge in the Main Media Center

The President of Russia held an open lesson on the Day of Knowledge in the Main Media Center: Photo

Russian President Vladimir Putin held an open lesson on Knowledge Day at the Main Media Center in Sochi.

"You will have to solve more complex tasks, respond to difficult, as they say now, challenges, and you must be ready for this. The strength and advantage of your generation lies in the open—mindedness, the ability to think freely, to offer non—standard solutions," Putin said, speaking to the pupils of the Sirius Educational Center for Gifted children on the Day of Knowledge.

Speaking to the students of the educational center, Putin drew a parallel between historical figures of the past and the current young generation. Among such personalities, Putin, in particular, mentioned Peter the Great and his like-minded people, "who defined a new vector of Russia's development." Russian Russian General recalled that Peter I created his funny regiments at the age of 11, and at the age of 16 - a small flotilla, from which the "victorious and unbending Russian Guard" and the "Russian military fleet" then grew.

"In the history of our country, there has always been a bet on people who were not afraid to take responsibility," Putin said. He also recalled the development of Russian science in the XVIII century, the activities of Mikhail Lomonosov and Empress Catherine II, who carried out many progressive reforms, and other brilliant pages of Russian history.

The strength of the younger generation of Russians, who face more difficult tasks than their parents, is in the ability to think freely, to offer non-standard solutions, Russian President Vladimir Putin believes.

The main Media Center is the main Olympic information platform, where in 2014, during the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games, more than 8000 media representatives worked. To properly organize the work of the press, the Main Media Center included the International Broadcasting Center and the Main Press Center.

The material and technical base and convenient location of the facility today attract attention from event organizers, developers and investors. In the post-Olympic period, the Main Media Center became the largest convention and exhibition venue in the Krasnodar Territory.