Sochi Half Marathon 2015

Sochi Half Marathon 2015: Photo

The Sochi Half Marathon has been held on the territory of the Olympic Park for the second year. It was first held on November 3, 2014. The race immediately attracted the attention of running enthusiasts, because it turned out to be unique for several reasons.

First of all, this is the first organized half marathon in the South of Russia. Secondly, this is the only race in the world, the route of which runs along the Formula 1 track. Thirdly, the race route is located in the Olympic Park, among the sports facilities where the 2014 Winter Olympics were held.

The Sochi Half Marathon is held with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle and introducing the population to active physical culture and sports, developing mass sports and stimulating the growth of sports achievements in long-distance running.

The half marathon is supported by the Ministry of Sports of the Krasnodar Territory.

As last year, this year two distances are designated – 5, 55 km and 21 km. Everyone from 14 years and older is allowed to participate in the 5.55 km race, and only adult runners are allowed to participate in the 21 km race.

All participants must present a medical certificate containing admission to the competition for the selected distance.

The start and finish of both races will take place on the Formula 1 track near the stands for spectators. Here, before the start of the event, the participants of the competition and the audience will have an exciting sports and entertainment program.