Have time to choose your podium at the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF RUSSIA 2015

Have time to choose your podium at the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF RUSSIA 2015: Photo

In the three and a half months that have passed since the start of ticket sales for the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix, tens of thousands of fans have become owners of the right to attend the race.

The Main Stand enjoys special attention of the audience. Many people strive to get to it, because it is one of the most spectacular places from where you can see with your own eyes the opening ceremony, the start and finish of the race, pit stops, the work of engineers, mechanics and strategists.

The T1 grandstand is in great demand among motorsport fans, which runs along the first turn – the place of the most intense battles of the first lap of the race. In addition, T1 is favorably distinguished by its convenient location relative to the Formula 1 Village and the entertainment areas of Sochi Autodrom.

Every fifth fan who bought a ticket chose the T2 podium, located near the second turn. This is one of the key places of the Sochi Autodrom and the first serious braking during the lap - it was here in 2014 that the outcome of the fight between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg was decided in favor of the Briton.

The T3 grandstand, named after Daniil Kvyat, also attracts great interest from the public. The grandstand is located at the entrance to the protracted third turn, which has become the hallmark of Sochi Autodrom. The asphalt here has a negative slope and requires riders to have filigree technique and precise passing. It is on this podium that the audience can fully feel the heat of the battle of the best pilots in the world and appreciate the Formula 1 cars in all their glory.

Motorsport fans can follow the exit of the riders from the arc, the passage of the fourth turn and the acceleration to the fifth from the T4 grandstand. This podium is mostly preferred by fans with experience, who closely follow the nuances of aerobatics and the trajectories of riders. Traditionally, the free placement zone between the fourth, fifth and sixth turns remains popular.

Most of the Formula 1 fans bought tickets in Moscow. The metropolitan region accounted for 30% of all sales. Sochi takes the second place, and Krasnodar is the third in terms of the number of tickets sold. Together with these cities, residents of Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg and Stavropol demonstrated a high interest in the Russian Grand Prix.

This year Sochi Autodrom presented several new services to fans as part of the ticket program. So viewers can purchase a package «Ticket + Hotel» and simultaneously with the right to visit the route, book a hotel from which regular shuttles run to the route. For example, all tickets to the free placement zone at the Sochi Autodrom ticket offices have already been sold out, and they can only be purchased as part of the «Ticket + Hotel» or through an international ticket operator. Two-day tickets are also available to viewers, allowing them to visit the track on Saturday and Sunday, the days of the main races. Every fourth buyer became the owner of such a ticket.

In addition, children's tickets to the T1 grandstand are available at the ticket offices of Sochi Autodrom and ticket operators at special prices. Parents of children under the age of 12 can take advantage of this offer. Spectators younger than two years old will be able to get on the track for free during the competition days. At the same time, seats for low-mobility groups of the population are provided on the Main Grandstand, stands T1 and T2.

A little more than two months remain before the start of the Russian Grand Prix. Hurry up to buy tickets so as not to miss the most anticipated motorsport event of the year — the «royal races» at Sochi Autodrom.

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices of Sochi Autodrom and the operator http://Parter.ru, and also on our website at the link http://sochiautodrom.ru/tickets/general

Photos can be found at the link https://www.flickr.com/photos/sochiautodrom/