An exciting pit-stop for the audience

An exciting pit-stop for the audience: Photo

The roar of engines and the screeching tires of cars are back at Sochi Autodrom today. On the second day of the Formula 1 weekend, free races started. 2 sessions at once! But life is boiling not only on the track.

On the territory of the Olympic Park there are many opportunities to pass the time between starts and just have a great rest! To the left of the main entrance is the «Village of masters». Perhaps the best place to get acquainted with history and crafts, see how professionals work and, of course, try it yourself. Here you can see the military weapons and clothes of Ancient Russia, master the Old Slavic script and even make paper with your own hands.

Blacksmith shop, quarry, leather business. Where else will there be an opportunity to learn the secrets of artistic forging, to make jewelry from leather yourself, or to see how a knife cuts a stone like butter? And everyone can do it here! No super machines, no high technology - just hands and mechanics! It will be interesting for both children and adults!