Famous aerobatic teams have arrived in Sochi

Famous aerobatic teams have arrived in Sochi: Photo

Today, on May 26, the first aerobatic teams participating in the Olympic Sky airshow, which will take place this weekend, arrived at Sochi International Airport.

At noon, five MI-2U training helicopters and a multi-purpose MI-8 MT helicopter of the CSKA aerobatic team landed. Then, six planes of the First Flight group were met at the airport, including the light multipurpose Piper–RA-23, the Su-31 aerobatic sports aircraft, two Extra-330 monoplane sports aircraft, as well as the Yak-52 and Yak-54.

The Baltic Bees will arrive in the evening. Six L-39 training aircraft of the only private civil aerobatic group in the Baltic States will be placed on the new apron of Sochi Airport.

On May 28, the Rus group will arrive, consisting of seven L-39 Albatros light jet attack aircraft and one L-410 escort aircraft.

On May 30 and 31, 18 planes and 10 helicopters will take to the sky over the Olympic Park. 35 pilots, each of whom has more than 1000 flying hours in the air, will demonstrate the skill of synchronous aerobatics at extremely short intervals and distances.

The program of demonstration performances of the aerobatic groups "Rus", "First Flight" and "Baltic Bees" includes loops and half–loops, turns, barrels and the Nesterov loop. CSKA will show a funnel, reverse movement and group maneuvers. In the arsenal of the TANTK. Berieva – such aerobatics as passages, slides, water discharge. Multiple world aerobatics champions Svetlana Kapanina, Oleg Shpolyansky, Alexander Kurylev, Elena Klimovich and the winner of the highest award of aerobatic sports - the Aresti Cup Mikhail Mamistov will demonstrate complex elements of acrobatic freestyle in the framework of solo programs.

In addition to a large-scale air show, visitors to the Olympic Park will enjoy a rich sports and entertainment program, concerts, Singing fountain shows and fireworks.

Sochi Autodrom will host the Nations Cup of the second stage of the ARCTIC CUP in the MitJet2L series, the first stage of the Russian Cup in the Formula 3 scoring group and the Kuban Half Marathon.

Photos in high resolution can be found on https://www.flickr.com/photos/sochiautodrom/sets/72157650731580970