The exhibition of robots Roboteka opened in the Olympic Park

The exhibition of robots Roboteka opened in the Olympic Park: Photo

The essence of the exhibition is high-tech robots. Robots can communicate, follow your commands, learn, show emotions and do a lot of other things. For example, Kiki will answer any of your questions about the exhibition and not only. Bioloid will surprise you with its acrobatic abilities, and DARwin-mini dancing.

«The Roboteka project was created thanks to our belief in progress, education and the value of popularizing science. Our mission is to awaken in children a craving for knowledge, curiosity and show them the future that can be achieved by applying the advanced achievements of humanity for the benefit. We are determined to create a space where our visitors can gain knowledge, opportunities for creativity and pleasure. We believe that together we can make a significant contribution to the improvement of our society,» the organizers of the exhibition said.

At the exhibition you will also be able to see:

- Promobot is an autonomous service robot for business, created in Russia in the city of Perm. It is designed to work in crowded places where it helps people with navigation, communicates and answers any questions, broadcasts promotional materials and remembers everyone with whom it had to communicate;

- R2D2 - the famous astrodroid from «Star Wars», recreated as an interactive toy;

- Ubtech Alpha 1P is a programmable robot for children that dances, plays football, performs tricks and tells stories;

- DARwin is a mini robot for learning programming. His older brother and a more advanced version of Darwin-OP performed well at the RoboCup robot football championships, as well as ICRA, FIRA and Humabot competitions.

- MiP is a multifunctional and autonomous robot. A set of sensors and GestureSense technology allows a person to control the MIP with gestures and hear.

The exhibition is open from 10:00 to 20:00 at the address: Sochi, Olympic Park, 10 Mezhdunarodnaya str., 3rd floor (opposite the Ferris wheel). Phone number: +7 (880) 022 21 23.