Take your place at the Russian Grand Prix: Tribune T2

Take your place at the Russian Grand Prix: Tribune T2: Photo

There is very little time left before the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix, and to help fans choose the most suitable places, we have prepared a guide to the spectator zones of Sochi Autodrom. Today, the focus is on the T2 Podium.

The main favorites of the first ever Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix were Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. They started side by side and fought for the lead in the first meters of the race, but then the German rider made a mistake on braking and flew off the track at the exit of the second turn. It was this episode that decided the outcome of the fight in favor of Hamilton, who subsequently won the race. The spectators could see Rosberg's departure in all details with their own eyes from the T2 Grandstand.

The first braking during the lap is always the most intense moment of the start of the race. On the first lap, the racers try to beat each other, take the optimal trajectory, but at the same time not be behind a slower car. The second turn of the Sochi Autodrom is followed by a small break that goes into the protracted arc of the third turn – this is one of the most difficult sections of the track and a good opportunity to win several positions. The T2 grandstand is located just opposite the braking zone before the second turn and the entrance to the third turn.

Here, fans can fully enjoy the most spectacular episodes of the race and notice the differences in the drivers' aerobatic styles. Before the second turn, cars slow down from 311 to 107 km /h – and all this on a segment barely exceeding the mark of a hundred meters! In a few seconds, the pilot experiences overloads of over 5g, and the force when hitting the brake pedal is 126 kilograms. The second turn throws the racers an extreme challenge and the slightest mistake will lead to a crash and the loss of precious seconds.

The grandstand is located close to the Medal Square of the Olympic Park, so to be in the center of F1 Village, you just need to go down the stairs. By choosing T2, speed fans will get an excellent overview and the opportunity to follow events on other sections of the track from large screens, and the convenient location relative to the key points of the entertainment program and food outlets will make the whole race weekend unforgettable.

T2 in total is designed to accommodate almost 7,000 spectators, there are also places for people with limited mobility. You can find out the cost of tickets for this and other stands in a special section of our website.