Kindergarten «Bambini-club»

Kindergarten «Bambini-club»: Photo 1
Kindergarten «Bambini-club»: Photo 2
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Working hours:
07:30–19:00 Day off: Sat-Sun

Figurnaia street, 23/4, «Sportivnyy kvartal», bld. 11

More recently, the Bambini-club kindergarten, located in the 11th building of the Sports Quarter, opened its doors.


  • Organization of a day stay group for preschool children, 
  • Preschool education

5 reasons to choose «Bambini-club» for you and your child:

  • This is a federal network of private kindergartens that has been operating since 2011. During this time, the network has raised several million children and has become an expert in the field of education and organization of children's leisure.
  • Online video surveillance. At any time, you can see what the child is doing.
  • 5 individual meals a day, formed based on the personal taste preferences of children and their parents.
  • Over 20 developmental and learning activities per week focused on developing motor skills, nervous system, socialization and mental skills.
  • Health care. Every day, quartzization and air ionization are carried out in the kindergarten, and a pediatrician examines the kids every week.