Kindergarten «Steps»

Kindergarten «Steps»: Photo 1
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Working hours:
from 8:00 to 20:00

«Family Quarter» (building 5)


  • Seeing
  • Development
  • Food
4 areas of activity:
  1. Preparing for school.
  2. Additional education: theater, fine arts, choreography and fitness, vocals, foreign languages ​​(any age), chess, hand-to-hand combat.
  3. Long stay groups.
  4. Summer children's vacation.


  • Half a day (before daytime sleep or after sleep) - 1800 rubles (developing classes, walk, meals).
  • With daytime sleep (until afternoon snack) - 2000 rubles (developing classes, walking, meals, daytime sleep).
  • Full day (10 hours) - 2500 rubles (developing classes, walking, meals, daytime sleep)

You can bring your child at any time. Payment on the spot! You must have with you:

  • a certificate from a pediatrician confirming the health of the child;
  • child's birth certificate (+photocopy);
  • medical policy of the child;
  • passport of one of the parents;
  • replacement shoes.