The airshow «Olympic sky» gathered 100 thousand people under its arch

The airshow «Olympic sky» gathered 100 thousand people under its arch: Photo

About 100 thousand people visited the Olympic Park during the two days of the grandiose airshow, which was organized by the administration of the Krasnodar Territory and JSC «Omega Center». At the award ceremony, Deputy Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Saurin congratulated the guests and residents of Sochi on a great holiday, and the pilots on finding grateful spectators. As the vice-governor noted, – almost 100 thousand people in total came and saw this show.

The ace pilots who demonstrated incredible beauty and complexity of aerobatics in the «Olympic Sky» received well-deserved prizes.

Masters of synchronized aerobatics and multiple world champions have won awards in various categories. For the will to win, the cup was awarded to Elena Klimovich, the most complex cascade of barrels was performed by Mikhail Mamistov, Alexander Kurylev received the prize for the reference performance of the Nesterov loop, Oleg Shpolyansky was chosen as the master of the corkscrew. Svetlana Kapanina, Honored Master of Sports and seven-time absolute world champion, was named the pilot of the century.

Awarded the aerobatic groups «Rus» and «First flight».

The prize of the conqueror of the three elements was earned by the Be-200 emergency aerobatic team. CSKA became the winner of the award for loyalty to traditions. The audience Award went to the Baltic Bees.

The Vice-governor said that in the near future the decision on awarding the best pilots with state awards of the Krasnodar Territory will be officially announced.

As part of the ceremony, the head of the Department of Olympic Heritage of the Krasnodar Territory, Sergey Somko, congratulated everyone on the start of the holiday season and awarded the Kuban judges who worked at the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2014 with commemorative medals.

At the end of the ceremony, the winners of all activity zones were invited to the stage – winners of mini-golf festivals, kites and drones, as well as those who became the best in international competitions in skateboard, streetboard, BMX bicycles, scooters and MTV bicycles.

The opening of the holiday season gave a bright start to a busy summer in the transformed Olympic Park. Now new sports and entertainment venues and concerts will become an integral part of the city's life.