Future Olympic champions in rhythmic gymnastics train at the Adler Arena

Future Olympic champions in rhythmic gymnastics train at the Adler Arena: Photo

The Adler-Arena Palace hosted 30 athletes of the Olympic Reserve School No. 1 from Moscow. Under the guidance of Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics Yulia Barsukova, the future of Russian rhythmic gymnastics is honing new programs and engaged in general physical training.

According to Barsukova, the hall prepared by the specialists of the NAO «Omega Center» is ideal for gymnasts. «This hall is the best fit for us,» said Yulia Barsukova, deputy director of the school.

As Yulia Barsukova noted, it is a pleasure to train at Sochi. «There is a good climate, warmth, sea and sun. I really don't want to leave. The weather in Moscow is very bad. It's hard to combine training and rest, but it makes you concentrate even more,» Barsukova added..

After Sochi, young gymnasts immediately begin their main work – qualifying competitions, the nearest of which is «Young Gymnast».

The Rhythmic Gymnastics Department at the Olympic Reserve School resumed its work in September last year. The most prominent representatives of the department are Olympic champions of different years: Yulia Barsukova herself, Irina Zilber, Vera Shimanskaya, Alina Kabaeva, Evgenia Kanaeva and Irina Chashchina.

The Adler Arena Indoor Skating Center hosted 179 speed skaters from 23 countries during the XXII Winter Olympic Games. During the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, 12 sets of medals were played at the Adler Arena and 7 Olympic records, 13 skating rink records, 2 Russian records and 14 personal records were set.

«At the end of the Olympic Games, the site of the Adler Arena KCC is actively used for sports and cultural events. In April 2014, the arena hosted an international sports event – the match of the Tennis Federation Cup among the women's teams of Russia and Argentina and Russia-Germany, in which our athletes won a confident victory,» said Valery Danchenko, General Director of the Omega Center.