The FABRIKA group showed off its talents in the Olympic Park

 The FABRIKA group showed off its talents in the Olympic Park: Photo

The girl group "Fabrika" performed for the first time in Sochi with a new soloist. The participant of the show "I want to go to VIA Gru" Alexandra Popova smoothly joined the team.

The decision on a new soloist was made by the producer of the group Igor Matvienko. After the failure in the Meladze show, Popova, who has been singing since the age of three, decided to try her luck again and wrote a letter to Igor Matvienko asking him to listen to her. He invited the girl to the studio, listened, recorded a video with her.

And a few days later he offered to become one of the soloists of the Fabrika group. The girl joined the team without any problems and even already made friends with two other participants, Ira Toneva and Sasha Savelyeva. The girls helped Alexandra learn the program and now the band has started touring in a new format.

Not so long ago, a popular show with almost the same name "Star Factory" released real bright, lively and talented stars from its conveyor. They have not gone out, like many other one-day stars, but continue to shine on the musical Olympus, delighting fans with their talent all over the country.