The band «Infiniti» performed for the first time in Sochi

The band «Infiniti» performed for the first time in Sochi: Photo
The dance group «Infiniti» performed for the first time in the Sochi Olympic Park. Emotions and drive, this is how you can characterize the performance of Tatiana Bondarenko and Alexey Kutuzov. The group, working in the genre of electronic dance music, winner of the Golden Gramophone Award in 2008 and 2010, sang their best hits in one breath.

The guys created the group back in 1999 and then it was called «Black and White». Tatiana Bondarenko «Malta» wrote the music and lyrics, and Alexey Kutuzov answered the arrangement. The band received its current name «Infiniti» in 2006. Having started working with the Gala Records studio in 2007, they became famous by singing the single «Where are You». The song got a new sound and became a successful radio hit. At the top of the Russian chart, the song lasted four weeks. By 2010, the «Infiniti» i project had gained popularity, was twice awarded the Golden Gramophone and other music awards.

To date, the duo is actively touring and taking part in various music competitions, and the ringtones of the group are among the most popular to download. The band performed all the songs in Russian. This is the principled position of the guys who previously worked at the radio station in Volgodonsk.

An absolutely club group «fit in» with the Olympic Park. As it turned out, modern sports architecture served as an excellent addition to the hits of the group. The endless name of the group became a continuation of that sports festival that has forever remained in the heart of every Russian.