Interview with the head of Sochi Autodrom

Interview with the head of Sochi Autodrom: Photo

On the eve of the holidays, Sergey Vorobyov, Deputy General Director of the Omega Center for the organization and holding of the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix, answered the questions of the New Year's interview for

- How do you assess the results of the outgoing 2014?

- It was a very good year! It turned out to be intense and intense, but brought considerable satisfaction from the work done. We successfully held the first Formula 1 Grand Prix in the history of Russia and started implementing a number of projects designed to make Sochi Autodrom a truly multifunctional facility, where a variety of events are held all year round - from sports and mass entertainment to cultural, educational and corporate. And if unofficially – 2014 was the most amazing year of my life.

- What was the most memorable moment in the last sports season for you?

- Such an event was undoubtedly the October stage of the Formula 1 World Championship at Sochi Autodrom. Our team, together with the administration of the Krasnodar Territory and with the active support of the Russian Government, did everything to ensure that, after many years of waiting, Formula 1 not only finally came to Russian soil, but also found a cozy home here, and the audience enjoyed unforgettable days at the Grand Prix. It is very pleasant and significant for me that our efforts were ultimately crowned with success and were duly noted by both the guests of the event and the international motorsport community.

- This year there have been several important events for Russian motorsport. How do you assess the progress of motorsport in Russia this year?

- The appearance in Formula 1 of such a talented Russian racer as Daniil Kvyat is a powerful factor that in itself will give a significant impetus to the further development of motorsport in our country. Already, many motorsport fans are looking forward to the new season of «royal racing», where Daniil should make his debut at a new level for himself, in such a titled team as Red Bull Racing. But the «Kvyat factor» is certainly not the only sign of progress that Russian motorsport has achieved in the past year.

As I have already noted, from now on Sochi Autodrom, especially after such a successful Russian Grand Prix, becomes one of the main centers of attraction for many Russian racers - both professionals and amateurs. Since November 2014, classes of the Academy of Driving Skills – a sports school for the younger generation of racing drivers and a training center for ordinary drivers who can improve their driving skills with the help of emergency training and active driving practice on the Formula 1 racing track - have been held at the autodrom. During the New Year holidays, we have a very rich program that will open motorsport for numerous guests of Sochi. The opening of such a high-tech and modern complex as Sochi Autodrom can be considered a solid foundation for the further progress of our sport in Russia.

- What would you wish for yourself for the New Year? What do you expect from 2015?

- According to our esteemed consultant Richard Cregan, whose team played a crucial role in the Grand Prix, it will be more difficult to hold the Formula 1 stage for the second time than the first. Therefore, next year I would like to prove that every year it is possible to do it only better and more interesting. That is why in the new year I would like to wish all motorsport fans, to whom I include myself, new victories, the desire and energy to cope with possible difficulties, as well as endurance and patience in achieving the final result – as you know, it does not come immediately, but the efforts made always pay off in the end.

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