Maria Kurdikova took part in the online press conference of the organizers of the match for the title of world chess champion

Maria Kurdikova took part in the online press conference of the organizers of the match for the title of world chess champion: Photo

On December 22, an online press conference was held with the participation of the President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Maria Kurdyukova, First Deputy General Director of Omega Center OJSC. During the press conference, the speakers were asked a number of questions about the future of Sochi as a potential venue for international sporting events.

Speaker: Maria Kurdyukova, First Deputy General Director of Omega Center OJSC. Is Omega and others responsible for the post-Olympic Sochi concerned about the correct use of Olympus? objects? What innovative (if any) solutions are being considered and implemented?

All Olympic facilities are designed and built taking into account their post-Olympic use. Therefore, immediately after the end of the Games, as the owner of a number of facilities, we started work on preparing for post-Olympic operation. Thus, the Adler-Arena Indoor Skating Center has retained its sports purpose, and a regional tennis academy has been established on its basis.

The number of rooms of the Omega Center company, which housed representatives of the media during the Olympic Games, successfully worked out the first tourist season. The city-hotel «Barkhatnye sezony» is one of the flagships among the hotels of the Imereti Bay, where guests are offered a wide range of hotel services for completely different target audiences.

And, of course, the Main Media Center is the facility where the main "picture" of the Games was formed during the Olympics. Now the media center is the largest convention and exhibition venue in the south of Russia. This year, after the end of the Olympiad, more than ten All-Russian and international events of various levels were successfully held in the Main Media Center. Among the most significant events for us, it is worth noting the Sochi 2014 International Investment Forum, the World Robotics Olympiad and, of course, the Match for the title of World Chess Champion. As for innovative solutions and new forms, we are open and ready to consider completely different proposals.

Conferences, festivals, sports events, thanks to the efforts of our company, it is now possible to hold in one place in the heart of the Olympic Park.

What sports events are planned to be held on the platform? Which ones would you like to spend?

By the end of this year, tennis competitions will be held at the Adler Arena. In May 2015, the Olympic Park will host a grandiose event - the international air show. We are also preparing to cooperate with the international convention "Sport-Accord", to hold the Russian Junior Chess Championship on our site. There is even a large-scale beer festival in development, so there are a huge number of plans ahead. But now we can say with confidence that Sochi is ready to host and host any sports and mass event at a high international level, there is a material and technical base, modern infrastructure, Olympic and now post-Olympic experience for this.

How can Sochi and the Omega Center get the maximum benefit from hosting major sporting events? Merchandising, renting? How to maximize the result?

Holding any event is, first of all, the image of our facilities, the city, the region. The Olympic Games and the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Sochi have increased the attractiveness of the resort, and we have received a record number of tourists in recent years. Our company operates in the post-Olympic space in such areas as development, provision of hotel services, congress and exhibition activities, construction and operation of facilities. As a commercial organization, we offer a wide range of services (including complex): from the provision of accommodation services to the sale of commercial real estate and apartments, as well as the rental of entire structures. In addition to the fact that the company owns hundreds of thousands of square meters of space, the material and technical base allows you to bet on the provision of additional services:. Catering at facilities and catering, security, organization of conference events, rental of various equipment, information Services How do you like the experience of holding a chess event?

The match for the chess crown demonstrated additional technical capabilities of the object. First of all, we are talking about live Internet broadcasts of competitions on the Internet. It was also important to create special conditions for the players, to zone the tournament site so that both spectators and athletes would feel comfortable. This was our first experience of cooperation with FIDE and the Russian Chess Federation, and now we can say for sure that our company will continue to support the development of chess in Russia. It was a wonderful experience, and we are certainly happy that the match was held at a very decent level and received a high organizational rating.

Speaker: President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinovkak do you assess the level of organization of the match in Sochi? Were there any difficulties?

I think Sochi has once again proved that it is one of the Mecca of world sports. Participants, journalists, fans noted the highest level of organization of the championship. We sincerely hope that Sochi will become a venue for various world-scale events for many years to come.

Do you consider Sochi as a platform for future chess events?

Sochi is a completely unique place. This is the city where the 2014 Winter Olympics took place, and, as many rightly point out, there is a special atmosphere of sports competition here. This match proved that there are also all the necessary conditions for holding world-class chess tournaments.

The match in Sochi was held with the support of many Russian companies. Do you plan to attract Russian sponsors for cooperation in the future?

Indeed, many people supported us this year. We are grateful to our financial partners for their assistance and, of course, we hope that our relations will be just as fruitful in the future.

How attractive is chess for sponsors at the moment?

Today, about 600 million people play chess at the professional and amateur level around the world. This is an impressive figure, and of course, such interest hides a lot of potential opportunities for sponsors. The largest Russian companies cooperated with us during the match in Sochi, and this cooperation turned out to be useful for both sides.

The next match will be held in the United States, and we hope that we will be able to establish new partnerships and popularize this amazing game on the territory of the North American continent.