The opening of the MaxPowerCars season took place at Sochi Autodrom

The opening of the MaxPowerCars season took place at Sochi Autodrom: Photo

On April 18, Sochi Autodrom hosted the first stage of this season's MaxPowerCars - the Time Attack Championship. Motorists from all over the country gathered at the race track in Sochi. More than 70 participants from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Samara, Krasnodar and other cities of Russia came together in a tense struggle for the title of the fastest racer.

The quantitative advantage was on the side of the Porsche 911 GT2 and GT3. Among the cars that claimed victory – BMW E30, released in the last century, as well as other equally interesting specimens.

One of the most memorable participants was a unique Nissan Juke R car with a body from Nissan Juke and a power unit from Nissan GT-R with a capacity of 1000 horsepower.

The best lap time among body cars in 2:16.968 was shown by a seriously modified 2008 Chevrolet Corvette piloted by Stepan Krumilov. The pilot from Smolensk became the first in the Unlimited class. Denis Burlikov won in the Unlimited Light class (2:29.430).

The victory in the Grand Turismo 1 class was won by Vadim Meshcheryakov (2:24,179). The result of the intense struggle for first place in the Grand Turismo 2 class was the victory of Igor Mukhin (2:29.708). Andrey Purikhov was in the lead in Grand Turismo 3 (3:35,360).

The first place in the Touring went to Dmitry Ryzhak (2:43.768). The best time in Turbo-stock was shown by Andrey Chirkov (2:46.583), in Turbo-Pro - Denis Konstantinov (2:23.378).

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Information about MaxPowerCars.

MaxPowerCars is the oldest and most prestigious domestic competition in the discipline of time-attack. Anyone can take part in the races both on a regular road car and on a specially prepared one.

The essence of the competition is to identify the participant who is the fastest able to drive one lap on a real race track. Thus, face-to-face fighting is excluded, which reduces the risk of damage to equipment and the risk to health to a minimum.

The MaxPowerCars competition day consists of two parts. In the first half of the day, at least 12 free training sessions are held, in which everyone can take part. Later in the evening – test attempts by class: a series of three three-round races (warm-up lap-test-return to the pits), where the result of the pilot at the stage is determined.