The first sports aerobics festival «AEROSOCHI-2016» started in the Adler Arena

The first sports aerobics festival «AEROSOCHI-2016» started in the Adler Arena: Photo

The first sports aerobics festival «AEROSOCHI-2016» has started in the Olympic Palace «Adler-Arena».

The main goal of these competitions is to popularize sports aerobics. Sports aerobics is a relatively young and intensively developing sport, the first competitions in which were held in the USA in 1990. Since 1995, sports aerobics has been recognized as the official sports discipline of the International Aerobics Federation, part of the International Gymnastics Federation.

The competitive program in this sport is an arbitrary exercise in which athletes demonstrate a continuous and intense complex, including combinations of movements with complex coordination, as well as elements of various complexity.

130 participants from 15 regions of the country, aged from 6 to 18 years, arrived in Sochi. All participants of the competition got to Sochi for the first time, to the sports complex where the Olympic Games were held. The young athletes were welcomed by the head of the NAO «Omega Center» Elena Zaritskaya. «I am extremely glad to welcome you here. You are well done for coming to us at the Adler Arena. The first Olympic medal was won here and it was the first medal in the piggy bank of our national team. We will be glad to see you every year and observe your skills!», - said Elena Zaritskaya.

The festival program includes individual performances of boys, girls, mixed pairs, triples and groups according to international FIG rules. Free costumes and stage attributes will be used in the festival program.

In the competition program, the winners are determined by the highest amount of points scored in the final. The 8 strongest athletes of the preliminary competitions advance to the final.

In the festival program, the winners are determined by the highest sum of points in dance gymnastics and concert program. The competition was organized by the Ivanovo Regional Federation of Sports Aerobics and the sports operator «OLIMPICO». The chief judge of the competition is Tatiana Grushnitskaya.