The first «alive» the concert took place in the Olympic Park

The first «alive» the concert took place in the Olympic Park: Photo

Russian R'n'B star Bianca performed in front of an audience of thousands in the center of the Sochi Olympic Park. The songs «Oh, Mom, I'm going crazy», «There were dances» and the track list of the album «Russian Folk R'n'B» were met with delight by the audience.

A beautiful girl named Bianca, aka Yana Lipnitskaya, in the past has a grand prix at several international pop song competitions, third place at the Aginsky competition, four years of soloing in the famous Mikhail Finberg orchestra. And after all this - cooperation with the project of Sergei Parkhomenko, he's just Serega. Bianca sang backing vocals and participated in the creation of the track «Swan», which was included in the soundtrack of the film «Shadow Fight».

Bianca herself wrote both the music and the words of all 12 songs of the debut CD. In the era of «manufacturers» and given the commercial focus of Bianchi's project, this looks almost like an anomaly.

The concert in Sochi Bianca worked on two fronts - a teenage audience and an adult. And she pleased everyone. The sensual vocals of this charming girl are familiar to everyone from the compositions «Near your House», «Swan» (from the soundtrack to the Russian blockbuster «Fight with the Shadow») and other songs performed in collaboration with rapper Serega. The original timbre of the voice and the extraordinary charisma of the singer infected with their energy.

The style of R'n'B, in which Bianca works, is popular today. But Bianca dispenses with other people's cliches. The author of her compositions, she offered the Sochi audience her own vision of R'n'B: texts, music - everything is given through the prism of national color, and the timbres of harmony and balalaika give the arrangements a special charm. The flurry of emotions characteristic of black R'n'B is combined here with lyrical melodies in which folklore intonations are heard.

«The Olympic Park will surprise the residents of the city and long-awaited guests with concerts of pop stars throughout the summer. The next concert will take place in the Olympic Park exactly one week later on June 13. Welcome!» - said the CEO