Congratulations for veterans from the General Director of JSC «Omega Center» Valery Danchenko

Congratulations for veterans from the General Director of JSC «Omega Center» Valery Danchenko: Photo

Dear veterans!

Congratulations on the great holiday – the seventieth anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War!

We wish you good health and a quiet, happy life!

May you always be surrounded by love, respect and care of your loved ones!
Thank you for Peace! Thank you for Winning!

Let 's not forget the exploits of the heroes, let's remember everyone who had to face the tragedy of the war.

Pelageya Ivanovna Makeeva (Plahotniuc), a native of the village of Kamenka, Adler district, is among those who suffered a terrible ordeal – the war. The beginning of the war caught her as a 17-year-old girl. In 1941, she participated in the construction of the Adler airfield – they built a landing strip, hangars, tunnels for fighters and bombers, and in the summer of 1942 she received a summons and was drafted into the ranks of the Red Army.

They were sent to Pitsunda, to the anti-aircraft unit. Then Krasnodar, the distribution point, the front line... In the military unit 69672 she served as a signalman and radio operator.
In the crucial year of 1943, almost the entire division was killed during the bombing at the crossing of the Kerch Strait, 20 people remained alive. Despite a terrible concussion and a long recovery in the hospital, «private soldier Polina» returned to service. At first she worked as a nurse in the sanitary unit, then as a cook who fed the soldiers on the front line. I had to go through a lot, walk a lot with detachments – Simferopol, Sevastopol, Crimea – Ukraine, Moldova, Romania ...

The victory was met in Czechoslovakia, in the 1271 infantry regiment of the 387th infantry Division.

The war passed through the fate of Pelageya Ivanovna, but did not break her. And now «private soldier Polina» accepts congratulations on the great Victory Day!